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As a metamorphosis mentor, I’m on a mission to help others find joy in present-moment living. By teaching meditation and breathing techniques, I guide my clients through everyday stress and overwhelm. I also educate my clients on how the central nervous system works – and, more importantly, the vital importance of developing mental fitness. 

It takes practice and awareness to live in the present moment. I have methodologies, tools, and techniques to help you go from frazzled to free with a newfound understanding and appreciation for a life lived one present-day at a time. 

When we are stressed and overwhelmed, we cannot take the inspired action needed to realize our dreams. We need to think clearly and focus on what is essential to be productive and accomplish our goals. When we decrease the tension and fear in our lives, we can effectively halt the crippling angst, toxic thought patterns, and unnecessary rumination. 

Once we start practicing techniques that help us manage stress, we are capable of transitioning into living in the present moment and fully enjoy everything life offers. When clients invest in themselves and do the work needed to achieve personal growth, the transformation from stuck and miserable to blissfully free is nothing short of spectacular.


First, we need to be aware of when our bodies are preparing for stress response and have a plan in place for one of the most effective ways to calm ourselves down quickly: Breathing. Deep breathing can help us get into parasympathetic nervous system mode, helping our body manage the fight-or-flight response.

The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for shutting down the body’s emergency functions while keeping other things running smoothly. When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, our bodies become hyper-alert and ready for potential danger. The raised state of alert can increase heart rate and blood pressure, release cortisol, cause upset stomachs or ulcers, tighten muscles, and cause a loss of concentration. It can also lead to depression and chronic fatigue.

Mental Fitness is the ability we all have to exercise our mind, to become more capable of handling life’s challenges from a calmer state, as well as stepping into our Power and Greatness.

We cannot take inspired action towards our goals when we are full of stress and overwhelm.

I will equip you with the tools to achieve calmness and mental clarity. Processing thoughts with a calm mind allows us to get off of ‘autopilot’ thinking, where we are just reacting to life events without any conscious thought or choice.

Soon, you will find patterns in your thinking, where before, certain circumstances led you to a state of worry and fear. Thoughts processed in a calm mind empower us to take decisive action towards our goals with the needed decisiveness and focus.

For too long, we were taught that feeling overwhelmed is a sign of growth in life. When you think about it, this is not the case. Essentially, when you grow faster than your coping skills can keep up with, you end up experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression.

My mini-courses can help you along the path to achieving inner calm and a renewed interest in present-day living. And as I mentioned earlier, I will give you a better understanding of how the central nervous system processes overwhelm and worry. With the knowledge gained and guidance on meditation and breathing, my coaching methodologies help you move from a place of fear and worry to joy fueled present-day living.

It takes practice and awareness to live in the present moment. I can give you the support and guidance needed to end the worry about what “might” happen. I have the methodologies, tools, and techniques to help you cross from frazzled to free with a newfound understanding and appreciation for a life lived one present-day at a time.

Please reach out if my instruction, support, and guidance sound like something you need.

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