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First deep dive into practicing awareness is noticing our thoughts.

Becoming the observer of our thought patterns and what thoughts show up for us during various experiences throughout our day.

We are only aware of about 5% of the thoughts that run through the mind daily. Everything in our life begins as a thought.


Our thoughts create our reality.

So, what we are thinking actually creates the world in which we live. So imagine most of your day is ruled by something you aren’t even aware of…


By choosing to practice awareness of our thoughts, we can begin to identify the patterns that keep us feeling stuck, and overwhelmed; thus creating a different reality to live in.


Unfortunately, though, most of us aren’t even aware of how powerful we are within. And we go through life feeling as though we are victimized by life’s circumstances rather than understanding that we actually have the power within to be whatever version of ourselves we want to be.

And that version.. starts within our mind.

          How we perceive ourselves.

          How we perceive others.

          How we perceive every experience. ACTUALLY begins in our mind.

Tuning in to our thoughts is the first real step to practicing awareness. If we can uncover what thought patterns are showing up for us, we can then begin to choose what thoughts we allow and which patterns we let go of. SHIFT our thinking, SHIFT our life – or at least understand it more!

Let’s dive into a few exercises of how you can begin to become more aware of your thoughts.

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