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Living the life of observation is so much easier when you become curious about life..

It also decreases the urge to judge the experience..

Curiosity in this case did NOT kill the cat! It made it smarter 😉

I like to view it as playing a game.. a game of observation. Kind of like I’m an investigator of my life, uncovering habits, patterns and things I’ve never recognized about myself before.

  • So ask questions like ..
  • Oh..  why is this showing up?
  • How did this come to be?
  • Where did this pattern come from?
  • What makes me feel this way?
  • Why do I think this?
  • Who or where did I get this from?
  • Why do I do this?

Reflection Exercise:

What are some of the fun things you’ve discovered about yourself through this process of playing the game of observation?


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