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Observation is a Way of Life!

Living a life of Observation takes some getting used to… it means we detach our feelings from the events that have shaped us, so that we can view ourselves and others with a new lens.

Detaching our feelings from the events that have shaped us, removes the emotional rollercoaster we keep riding by consistently re-creating scenarios that create chaos in our lives.

Viewing life rather than entangling with it offers space to flow. I like to think of it as though I’m watching a movie of life. I can choose to be in the scene, or I can choose to just watch the scene as it happens.

Observing life as though you are looking down on it in a bubble helps to remove the emotional turmoil we often experience by attaching to situations and chasing them, following them, or creating stories around their existence.

Learning to be the observer of my life, has empowered me to take control of my life rather than feeling like a victim to circumstances.

Observing life is fun, empowering and also a bit challenging at times.. however, the rewards outweigh the challenges by far!!

How to Practice Observation:

  • In any given situation, choose to pull yourself out of the experience and see the experience as though it is a movie scene.
  • You can even put it in a bubble.
  • Freeze-frame while you are in the experience and pull back.
  • Look at the situation as though you are viewing down or into the experienced – witnessing what is happening on the movie screen or down there in that little bubble.
  • Pretend you’ve been hired to just observe – not to judge what is happening – to just witness what is going on and recount it at a later time.
  • You can even keep a journal during this time to write down the experiences you choose to utilize as practice for living a life of observation.

It’s really important during these exercises you remain non-judgmental of the experience. Judgment makes the experience “good or bad” in our mind. It makes it something we need to change.

Practice non judgment – this comes through awareness of thoughts in each experience you are in.. more about this practice in a later module.

How to Practice Non-Judgement?

Go people watching!!

Who doesn’t love a good session of people watching?! .. at the mall.. at the supermarket.. at a park..

Because you are used to this fun hobby, it’s a great way to start practicing releasing judgment when viewing other people’s lives.

While you are “people watching” tune into what thoughts are flowing through your mind about the people.

If you are judging their interactions, begin to turn those judgmental thoughts off  — meaning stop watching them and thinking about what they are doing at the same time. JUST OBSERVE!

By learning to release the judgmental thoughts with a hobby you’re already skilled at doing, you can transfer this new acquired skill over to your practice of observing your life without judgment too. It becomes seamless!

& is super empowering!


Reflection Exercise:

How did it feel for you to pull back and look at an experience in your life?


Was it easy or hard the first time?


What did you notice about the experience?


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