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Practicing awareness without judgment in our daily life and in the experiences we encounter, is one of our greatest teachers. 

There is a concept that everything around you is a reflection of something within yourself. And that if someone or something upsets or triggers you, it is there to teach you a part of you that you haven’t discovered.

So if everything around you is a mirror and a reflection of you, the question to ask is what is it there to show you or teach you about yourself?

This has been a perspective I look at various life situations through, often. 

You don’t have to fully believe this analogy to shift your perspective from time to time to see how whatever you are experiencing is there to show you or teach you something. 

Rather than blaming others for their lack of awareness, seek to dive deeper within to understand even more about areas of your own life where you can become even more aware of yourself. 

This is where you can also begin to weave the practices in different areas together. By identifying and understanding a trigger, you can then become more aware of your thoughts about what triggered you in the first place or what stories you are telling yourself while in the trigger to spiral more. Then weaving what emotions and/or behaviors are coming up for you during the experience as well.

The practice of awareness is not a destination, it’s not like one day you wake up and you’re super aware and no longer have anything else to become aware of. 

The more aware you become, the deeper the awareness goes. So have fun along the way, learn to laugh with yourself and learn to let things go. The faster you can let go, the easier the practice of awareness becomes. 

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