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Practicing awareness makes us more sensitive to the energies around us. We become more in tune with what is happening in our external environment, which can actually bring up a lot of triggers at first. 

You may find yourself becoming more aggravated with people simply because you are more aware of what is happening around you. 

So while going through this course, be patient with your feelings and try to be patient with others. Remember they aren’t going through the course with you and because they aren’t also going through the course with you it doesn’t make them a bad person, they are just simply “unaware”.

It’s tempting to want to scream and lose your shit with people when you start realizing just how unaware the rest of society is. At some point these emotions do move through to where you are able to laugh about it, as well as to just observe what is coming up for you in any given moment rather than feeling anger.

Anger and frustration in the beginning are common, keep going you will move through this phase.

A good practice to turn into a habit through this process is observing what comes up for you at different times and during different moments. Then asking why am I feeling this way?

Is there something about this person or situation that is reflecting something back to me about myself where these tendencies or same patterns show up in my life as well?

You can learn a lot about yourself by observing and feeling the emotions that arise in you about other people. 

Maybe that experience is there to show you an area of your life where you can examine yourself more closely to see how you may have some of those same tendencies that you are experiencing from someone else. 

And this is where the rabbit hole goes deeper… 😉

Rather than lashing out at someone because of how unaware they are, (trust me I did that for years, it makes no difference and only ruins your peace) try understanding the behavior of them and the trigger for you more intimately.

I will say the hardest areas for me are with the environment – when you start waking up to how we are abusing this environment or how much some people are users – it’s hard to not let it get under your skin. You can learn to channel this energy by volunteering for an organization or getting a group together for a cause. 

I have also found it very important to lead by example, this is the best teacher for others. Getting upset and spouting off because of their lack of awareness doesn’t help the situation (usually), but leading by example and using opportunities to educate or teach where you can is more beneficial and makes a lasting impression on the people and in the environment around you. 

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