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Ok, you made it through the awareness of the toughest triggers, this one you can have some fun with and laugh through..

Awareness of being triggered by a stranger is not such a big deal. 

This is certainly one that you can practice letting go.

It’s a lot easier to let go of emotions we feel when they are set off by someone we don’t know than it is to let go from someone we love.

So practice your letting go game with strangers so you can become stronger letting go with those you do love or who trigger you to the core. 

Identify a moment when a complete stranger triggers a reaction in you..

Stop, pause and tune in..

  • Where is this showing up in the body?
  • Does this remind you of something or someone?
  • What are the thoughts going through your mind – are they empowering or causing you to spiral?
  • Is this something you can laugh off or should we dive deeper to understand why you feel the way you feel in the moment?
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