Video 24 Copy

Take a breath. 

Long deep inhale.

Long deep exhale.

You’ve made it through the most challenging part! 

This one gets easier, mainly because our emotions aren’t so tied up in this and we can let our feelings go faster when identifying a time we are being triggered by a friend. 

You’re out to dinner with your friend, and they mention one of the forbidden topics.. And boom check please – I’m out. At least that’s the initial thought..

Or maybe they make a comment about one of your kids.. Nope not doing this today, you think to yourself. 

Or maybe instead of reacting you can practice the Power of the Pause and take a step back to review what is happening in the body, what thoughts are flooding the mind and why you are feeling like you want to run for the hills. 

  • Is the trigger from deep seated belief systems?
  • Is the trigger because you feel they are in their ego or in competition with you?
  • Is the trigger something that is recurring?
  • Again asking why do I feel this?
  • Where is it showing up in my body?
  • Is it something I am overreacting to or can I let this go or does it deserve a conversation first?
  • Is this something I can work through on my own?

Uncovering our triggers with friends can strengthen our ability to let go of the feelings we hold on to from past events, while also doing the deep inner healing work on our own to shift our own reactions and behaviors rather than being the victim to circumstances. 

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