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Let’s start with the hardest trigger first – because why not right?

Dive right in! 

Let’s face it. Or family can be the most challenging of all to deal with as we grow, because we are the closest to them and because they can bring up old stuff we haven’t yet healed or worked through. 

From my own growth and healing work, I have found triggers with family to fly in without warning and trigger the deepest upset within me that I’ve had to sift through. 

However, working through triggers with my family has also been the most freeing and the deepest healing I’ve had. So I highly encourage this work with family for your own personal growth and healing.

Have patience, breathe often, step away when you need to and try to find some humor in the process.

Observing Triggers with Family:

Your mom says something to you and all of a sudden you’re pissed. 

You see your uncle for the first time in a year and he makes a rude comment and you’re ready to turn around and run.

You walk into the family gathering for the holiday, after having panic thoughts the entire way over there and grandma makes a comment about your clothes and that’s it.. You’re crying and can’t turn off the faucet.

Yep! We have all been there!! 

Most of the time we go into a subconscious reaction without even thinking… emotion takes over and now our whole day is ruined. 


Why do we allow the entire day to be ruined because of something that was done or said by someone we love so dearly?

Most of it is subconscious programming. 

What if you could learn to keep yourself from spiraling into the emotion?
Better yet, what if you could not fire back at all and instead learn to calmly respond?

You can! 

Practicing awareness of your triggers with family, (over time of course) will help you develop a response muscle rather than a reaction spiral. 

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