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Ok.. you’ve made it thus far —> CONGRATS!! 

So.. this section is probably the most challenging you’ll face – not that I’m trying to program your mind with this is going to be hard, however triggers aren’t usually FUN to deal with. And becoming aware of them can be even more challenging and exhausting to become aware of.

Take a deep breath. And remember to breathe through this often!

In this section we are discussing triggers.. 

  How are you triggered by certain people?

By certain conversations or statements?

By situations you encounter while flowing through your day?

What is a trigger?

A trigger is when you encounter an experience and instantly react to that experience. Also described as an intense emotional reaction by causing extreme overwhelm or distress. 

A trigger can be caused by someone, something, an event that takes place in your external environment, something that is said, a movie, etc. 

A trigger can also come from an event from the past that we are reminded of or not healed from that causes a reaction. 

How can triggers show up in the body?

Triggers can show up as:

    • A sudden rush of heat in the body or in a part of the body
    • Feeling uncomfortable in a situation
    • Tension in the body in a particular area or all over
    • Jaw clenching
    • Balling of fists
    • Crying uncontrollably
    • An instant headache
    • Stomach ache, butterflies or feeling nauseous 
    • Feeling offended
    • Being flustered
    • Wanting to run away or hide
    • Avoidance of something difficult

Triggers can show up as one or as multiple of these at once. 

Triggers can be immediate or have a delayed reaction. 

Feeling triggered can throw us out of sorts a bit.. And that’s ok. Learning to identify when you are being triggered empowers us to choose response over reaction. 

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