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So, what is awareness anyway?

According to the dictionary explanation of awareness, awareness can be:

a.)     State of being conscious of something;

b.)    The ability to directly know, perceive, feel;

c.)     How clearly we see ourselves.

I say Awareness is the ability to know thyself.

To non-judgmentally look at yourself and see the patterns that are showing up for you in life day in and day out.

To see what you do and then explore why you do what you do.

Awareness is bringing areas of your life into the purview… to look at them under a microscope with a non-judgmental eye to understand yourself at a deeper level.

Through that understanding of thyself, you intimately learn all parts of you, which then opens space for you to love all parts of you. And to let the parts of you go that you decide are no longer worth holding on to.

Awareness isn’t always easy, and what I’ve found is most people have no clue how to practice it, so I developed this course as a guide to help you start leaning in to becoming more aware of yourself – your thoughts, behaviors, actions, emotions, triggers, etc.

By becoming more aware of the WHOLE YOU…  you unlock your personal freedom —–> which allows you to live life on your terms, to create your reality and live the life you’ve been dreaming of!

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