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When you are in a group setting do you dominate the conversation or are you so passive you hardly engage?

How often do you actually pay attention to how you show up in a group of friends, colleagues or with your family?

Are you one person with your family and another person with your friends?

It’s ok.. There is no right or wrong.

And, as you are now on this journey of going within and truly learning who you are, this can be an eye opening exercise. 

When I first started practicing this one, I was a completely different person in several situations. It was crazy how many versions of ME there was!! 

I began learning how I was showing up in different groups of people and also how that landed on people.. I also started asking people I trusted to share with me how they saw me or viewed me in different situations. 

This isn’t about what is right or wrong, this is simply to gain insight into you, ALL parts of you. 

Reflection Exercise: 

Identify a group setting whether in a group of friends, at a family function, or with colleagues and see yourself in this group. 

Use the bubble technique to pull yourself out of the group and view into the group as a third party – seeing the group and seeing you in the group. 

  • Are you talking excessively – if so is this for attention or are you nervous?
  • Are you quietly observing each person as they talk, without engaging?
  • Are you tuned in to the group or are you totally tuned out?
  • How is the group interacting with you?
    • Are they engaging you or ignoring you?
    • How does this make you feel?
    • What are some of the emotions you’re feeling in this group setting?

What did you gain from the insight of viewing yourself in this group setting?


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