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Many of us wake up in the morning and begin our daily routine without ever pausing to think about the routine we’ve created for ourselves. 

Is this routine serving us?

Or is this routine heightening our central nervous system and spiraling us into anxious thoughts and being in a state of panic for the day?

How often do you review your routine with yourself?

How often do you ask – where did I get this routine from and furthermore what is driving this routine?

  • What belief systems created this routine and are they even belief systems I want in my life today?

So often we have created a routine for ourselves based on old programming as a teenager, young adult or from other people’s belief systems. 

Even worse, so many of us are running on autopilot from these routines without even knowing what the routine is!! WHOA!

This exercise empowers you to take a look at your routine (no judgment – just observation) and determine the following – 

  • What is my routine?
  • Where did I get this routine from?
  • Is it serving my highest purpose today?

Reflection Exercise: 

In the morning or at night before you go to bed, take notice of your routine. Pull back from being in the routine, and notice yourself as though you are looking down at yourself.

  • What does your routine consist of? Write it down in the moment or keep a journal over a few days …
  • Does your routine serve you – meaning does it put you in a good mood for the day or does it spiral you into chaos?
  • Then ask where did I get this routine from – is it something I choose to have or am I running on autopilot every day?
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