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Understanding where in the body emotions show up for you is important. This type of body awareness teaches you about how the body responds to our emotions and how we are feeling.

Awareness of how we are feeling in the body, provides introspection into why we do some of the things we do in moments of anger, sadness, or joy.

This insight empowers us to know when we are reacting rather than when we re responding to experiences in life.

According to research, emotions have a direct response on the body, this is why you may feel tension in the neck when feeling fear or why you may feel heavy when feeling sad.

The pictures below represent the body maps for the six basic emotions. Yellow indicates the highest level of activity, followed by red. Black is neutral, while blue and light blue indicate lowered and very low activity, respectively.

Even just bringing up an emotion from a past experience, can cause us to feel the response in our body. This is why we can experience the guilt and shame from the past, and become distracted by it, pulling us away from being in the present moment, thus pulling our energy down.

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