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First of the morning check-in – how we feel in the morning can linger through the rest of the day. Many of us wake up in a “certain mood” and don’t even realize what emotion we are feeling and how it’s showing up in our body.

Checking in with our body and our emotional state first thing in the morning provides awareness to the tone of our day.

By being aware of how we feel when we are first getting up, we can choose to dive deeper into that emotion to try and understand why we feel what we are feeling.

Through understanding why we are feeling a certain way, we are empowered to sit with it and feel through it or shift out of that state.

Neither is good or bad.. however, we do have the power to choose.

For example, if you wake up feeling angry or feeling sad. Neither of these emotions are bad – they just are.

By tuning into the emotion, we can sit in that emotion for a designated period of time or we can choose to not allow the emotion of anger to rule or day.

A few ways to shift out of an emotion that doesn’t feel so good:

  • Turn on some uplifting music and sing along
  • Dance
  • Take a 15-20-minute walk outside
  • Exercise or move your body
  • Turn on a comedy
  • Listen to an empowering book or podcast
  • Meditate
  • Sit by a body of water – lake/ocean/river
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