Music is Life

Music is my Life.

It always has been.. From the time I was a little girl, I have had a love for music, of all types. 

I appreciate the artistry that goes into making a song – the writing, the composition, the flow and vibe it

 leaves when listening to it.

Music has such a special place in my life, the right tune brings me up when I’m feeling low. Or if I need a good cry I know exactly what to play. 

When I want to feel inspired or uplifted, there’s a playlist for that too.

I’ve been curating these playlists for a few years to provide on this website – everything from Jazz, to spiritual rap and even my own songs. Become a VIP for early releases of new playlists and songs!

It’s amazing to me how much music affects our mood, our inspiration, and its ability to guide our journey.

I hope you enjoy these playlists as much as I do!

 I’ll be releasing a new one each month – if you’d like to receive first access to the list, become a VIP by entering your email where I will drop first access as well as my upcoming new releases that I’ve written as part of my 2020/2021 journey.

Original Music

Inhale Exhale

My first compilation in songwriting with my amazing friend and talented artist Zen that Beat. He took one of my meditations and remixed it. Then brought the brilliant piano music of Songs of Eden for this collaboration. This song is what started me down the path of tuning into spirit to write my own music again. More releasing soon!
Curated Playlists


This is my “morning routine” – it’s how I start my day every day. I love listening to Calm Whale in the background while meditating. 

Even if I am in a rush, I spend a minimum of 10 minutes with Balancing with Love or Calm Flow.

I love Calm Whale because it has harmonic resonance with mother earth and nature, I feel more in tune and aligned when I allow these frequencies into my personal space.


This is my evening unwind playlist. Dueter has a special place in my heart..

I love to soak in a bathtub with candles and some yummy bath bubbles (organic and non-toxic of course). I also enjoy meditating to Dueter in the evenings. Temple of Silence and Language of Silence are two of my faves! Really they are all amazing and beautiful! 

He’s such a talented artist!


This is a list I have been curating for over a year now. It is compiled of my favorite, High Vibe female empowerment jams. 

You won’t find songs found on the radio on this list.. These are my female affirmations, goddess vibes, need a pick me up, want to feel amazing about myself jams.

I especially love turning these on in the morning after meditation, or before an important meeting to inspire and uplift me.


Priestess Divination

This playlist was shared with me by a friend, and it’s something I listen to almost daily! 

It’s spiritual rap and empowerment music. When I need to feel more gratitude or abundance in my life or I need to remember “Who I Am” I turn this on and sing, dance, laugh and give myself permission to feel good in my body.

I don’t listen to mainstream music much anymore, this list has taken its place. 

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