Lesson 8: Technique #1 Awareness


Awareness is the key to personal freedom!

Understanding what we do – how we interact in situations – what our thoughts are at any given moment throughout the day – how we behave – what emotions we create and understanding what triggers us is the awareness that sets us free from being a victim of life’s circumstances.

Awareness gives us the freedom to shift what no longer serves us.

Awareness gives us a choice to choose.

To choose how we live our life, what we keep, what we let go of..

Awareness is the key to unlocking our personal freedom.

And yet so many of us live each day almost completely unaware of why we do what we do.. or that we even do certain things at all.

Awareness is bringing areas of your life into the purview… to look at them under a microscope with a non-judgmental eye to understand yourself at a deeper level.

Through that understanding of thyself, you intimately learn all parts of you, which then opens space for you to love all parts of you. And to let the parts of you go that you decide are no longer worth holding on to.

Awareness isn’t always an easy practice, sometimes it’s hard to take a look at yourself. But it’s so rewarding! 

What is Awareness?

According to the dictionary explanation of awareness, awareness can be:

a.)     State of being conscious of something;

b.)    The ability to directly know, perceive, feel;

c.)     How clearly we see ourselves.

I say Awareness is the ability to know thyself.

To non-judgmentally look at yourself and see the patterns that are showing up for you in life day in and day out.

To see what you do and then explore why you do what you do.

Awareness allows you to see and understand your automatic patterns that show up daily. Thought patterns, behaviors, belief systems, emotional patterns – all giving you insight into yourself so that you can let go of what you no longer want and operate from programs that serve your highest good for who you are today. 

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