Lesson 4: The Computer Comparison

The Computer Comparison


The brain/mind connection is similar to that of a computer.


The brain is the hardware.

The mind is the software.


The programs we upload into the hardware / the brain, is what we will run on, until we upgrade the software and choose to run on different programming.


For example – a computer is not capable of running on programs that have not been uploaded into it, and neither are we. 


If Word and Excel are never uploaded into a computer we cannot use them.


So if we never look at what programs we have downloaded into our internal computer from a young age, we will continue running on these programs even if we are unaware of them, either until the end of our life or until we decide to update the software we are running on. 


Unfortunately research shows that 70% of the programs we download as a child are negative, disempowering and self-sabotaging. Which means for many of us the thoughts that run through our mind daily without awareness are ones that limit us from living in our true greatness. 


Your life today is a printout of the programs that are running in the unconscious mind. 

At any moment we can update or change the software we are running on if we choose to. This requires us to download new knowledge into the conscious mind first, then reprogram the subconscious mind through repetition and consistency of new habits such as affirmations,visualization, writing and other modalities. 

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