Shift into Freedom

group coaching for busy women

                                                 Are you a woman who was taught to suppress her feelings as a child?

                                  Do you feel overwhelmed by the mental load of all the responsibilities in your life?

                               You dream of waking up to a different life every day, but aren’t sure how to make it happen?

As women we have so much pressure to perform in multiple roles in life. Pressure to be a great mother, daughter, partner, friend, career woman, and the list goes on.. We wake up every day feeling like it’s groundhog day, wondering when will I be able to live life on my terms, for me?!

– Does this hamster wheel ever end?


                                                                            Imagine what that life would look like every day…

                       If you could paint a picture of the life you love waking up to, rather than the one you feel you need to be living                                                                                      – what would that picture look like?

We become so clouded by the idea of living the dream life, we fall into the “Living for the weekend”“Living for Retirement”“Living for my Family” that we forget to actually LIVE.

If you had the choice to choose to live life for you and ALL the things that ignite your passion within, would you say yes?

Shift into freedom

Group Coaching For Professional Women Ready to Live Life in YOUR Terms!

Shift into Freedom is a program designed by a busy woman, for busy women who are tired of doing life for everyone else, and are ready to put YOUR dreams into action for YOU!


You are ready to wake up to a life you love living every day – where you are empowered to live life on your terms –  with less overwhelm – more clarity – where listening to your intuition is the norm – you know how to tap into it and embody it in every decision you make. 



Lean into your intuition and create the life you love waking up to with a few simple, yet effective shifts that will allow you to be more present with yourself, more present with your family and friends, less reactive to external situations and empowered to live with a reinvigorated joy for life. 


This Program Includes: 

  • 8 Online Videos Explaining Mind/Body Connection – self paced
  • 90-Days of Support – once a week group call discussing specific situations you are going through right now with tools and techniques on shifting old patterns that keep showing up, connecting with your intuition and innate knowing, and to realign the mind body connection when feeling ungrounded and off-center throughout the day.
  • Daily Access to Briana via Telegram
  • Supportive Tools
  • Guidebooks
  • Weekly techniques to practice on your own to shift into freedom
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