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Conscious Transformation

Life is like a butterfly …

Our process of emergence is often one of personal struggle to leave the familiar chrysalis and spread our wings and fly.

It is through that struggle that we become who we are.

We learn to love all parts of ourselves…

Just as the butterfly emerges from the chrysalis through personal struggle, no one can do it for us. If someone comes and opens the chrysalis before we are ready, the transformation we just went through doesn’t last.

However, unlike the butterfly story, we have access to support and tools that assist us through the process. 

I’m the space holder for women in the chrysalis phase of their metamorphosis process. 

Mental Fitness

Do you feel overwhelmed by life’s challenges?
Like you can never catch a break and it’s “always something”?

These feelings are a result of being mentally “out of shape”. What if you were able to gracefully flow through life’s challenging situations with more ease, and a faster, more efficient way to respond rather than react?

Mental fitness affects every area of our life – from the way we handle challenging situations to how productive we are, to how energetic we feel throughout the day. 

Mental Fitness is a learned skill. Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In this section are mini courses mental exercises for the brain and mind. These courses teach how to be mentally fit to flow through life’s challenges with ease and grace.

Present Moment

Do you find yourself in conversations with friends or loved ones, but you have no clue what they are saying – because your mind is somewhere else?

Consistently thinking about your to-do list or what didn’t get done.
This is a result of NOT living in the present moment. Most of us are living in a future that hasn’t happened yet, or guilt and shame from the past – which is already done. If you find your mind wandering often, then you are not present.
Present moment living releases fear, worry and doubt, empowering you to enjoy the time we have with those we love.  Present moment living transforms our lives from stuck and miserable to blissfully free.
In this section are mini courses on how to live life here and now, fulfilled and full of purpose. 


Do you often deal with ruminating thoughts at night and can’t sleep?
This is what overwhelm looks like. Often we have operated in overwhelmed for so long, we’ve forgotten what feeling good feels like.

Living with overwhelm causes lost hours of sleep, time with loved ones, and productivity at work. 

Reducing overwhelm provides clarity,  focus and provides time back in your day (spend it how you like!). For too long, we were taught that feeling overwhelmed is a sign of success. This is not the case. 
Decreasing feelings of overwhelm effectively halts the crippling angst, toxic thought patterns, and unnecessary rumination that keeps us stuck. 

In this section are mini courses offering tools to use in the moment when feeling overwhelmed.

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