Meet Briana

With focus and persistence you’ll create an experience that presents lasting memories. And the reality is… it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that counts. #presentmomentliving

Metamorphosis mentor

The message Briana wishes to share is a simple one - as nature effortlessly navigates the ebbs and flows of time, so too can humanity.

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Meet Briana

Briana Bragg is the intuitive and creative visionary behind a revolutionary process for healing. As a metamorphosis mentor, she has developed an integrative methodology to align the potential of the mind with nature’s abundant healing properties. 

No stranger to the power of change, she boldly and decisively stepped away from decades-old inner turmoil, limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns, along with self-doubt toward a personal awakening grounded in peace and light. Today, she likens her metamorphosis to that of a caterpillar in a chrysalis turned effortlessly into an agile butterfly. 

Briana fully recognizes and appreciates the vivacious strength that awaits us all on the other side of personal struggle should we choose to capitalize on our challenges for transformation and growth. 

Like the way a caterpillar breaks down in its cocoon so that a beautiful butterfly can emerge, she empowers people around the globe to transform their own lives and free themselves from their limiting patterns and obstacles. 

Briana is practical, compassionate, and gentle in her approach to helping others realize positive change as she understands the need for a delicate balance in all things. The elevated consciousness she possesses is the direct result of intentionally aligning her present moment awareness of her inner thoughts with the ever-present, healing rhythms of the natural world around us. 

After overcoming a two-year battle journey riddled with depression, she fearlessly and unapologetically redirected the course of her life’s journey. Just as the butterfly emerges from a cocoon of destabilizing entrapment, Briana also metamorphosed into a spirit that values contentment, joy, and freedom. 

As with all mesmerizing transformations in nature, Briana’s freedom from what kept her grounded and small was not easily won or realized overnight. The balance and flow of nature cannot be harnessed or ushered into our spirits on demand. Instead, the dramatic and beautiful change occurs once we are open to growth and the desire for a synchronistic life.

She understands on a personal level how deep-seated feelings of fear, shame, and guilt drive people to recoil and withdraw from happiness and personal freedom. Adversity is simply part of life. However, Briana knows personal breakthroughs do happen when we commit to the kind of meaningful change that transcends lives from ordinary to extraordinary.

As a young girl, Briana sought solace outdoors and embraced the synchronicity and flow of nature. From gardening with her much-loved Grandfather to observing the wonder of carefully collected and released caterpillars to butterflies, the beauty, simplicity, and wonder of nature were ever-present and healing during the tumultuous times in her early years.

From a childhood burdened with conflict at home and bullying at school leading to a fear of confrontation and struggle with setting boundaries in relationships both personal and professional, the inability to recognize her self-worth and value manifested a two-year plight of  chronic pain and the aforementioned derailing experience with depression which temporarily sidelined her vision for a newly launched company and goals for the future. Desperate for change, Briana made an international move by herself to an area filled with an abundance of nature’s balm which forced her not only to learn how to become fully self-reliant in a foreign place, but also to come to a full understanding of what she’d unconsciously sought after her whole life.

Through the process she now teaches to others, Briana’s past strife has transmuted into the empathy, compassion, and self-respect effectively bringing her metamorphosis into fruition. 

Wishing to return to a state of joy and calm she experienced in childhood, Briana did the internal work to welcome the many gifts nature brings to those receptive, ready, and open to growth. By going within and embracing change, Briana learned to equalize and become one with the universe’s rhythm.

The message Briana wishes to share is a simple one – as nature effortlessly navigates the ebbs and flows of time, so too can humanity.


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